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Kitsune Sushi Bar


What's KITSUne



It is said that Kitsune is a fox, a clever and intelligent animal.

A very respected animal being in Japanese mythology due to its capacity of hard work and its ability to accumulate knowledge.

The legend says that it loves well done work and that it is only satisfied with perfection. It is said that one day it crossed our lives. It may be true. It may be not. What we do know for sure is that we work as foxes to follow its example.

Studying the past is learned the new
Japanese proverb



Kitsune is inspired in the traditional model of the Japanese izakayas, popular bars in which the Japanese gather around the tables and share different dishes, drinks and conversations.



Just as in the Japanese izakayas, our establishments follow the harmony between simplicity, functionality and beauty.

Aiming to build a perfect atmosphere and make you feel like at home.

  • Excellent value. The dishes are fantastic and fast, friendly service. There you go.

    Sergi Garcia
  • I went to this restaurant a few times and never ceases to amaze, everything great and highly recommended.

    Sara Robles
  • We did a tasting menu for 25 euros, a very good and delicious variety of Japanese food. Worth booking.

    Ernesto Mendoza



In the menu you will find typical dishes of Japanese cuisine.




Book Online

659 834 409


Book Online

620 666 885

The reservation phone line will be open every day of the week from 12:30h to 15:45h and from 19:30h to 23:00h.

Thanks! Arigatō



This establishment has two turns of reservations settled for dinner time: one from 8:00pm to 10:30pm and the other from 10:30pm until closure. In order to respect the punctuality of the second turn we kindly ask you to free the table some minutes in advanced. For the second turn the restaurant reserves itself a margin of 10 minutes to remount the table.